Our mission is your safety from any kind of dangerous and negative manifestations at any point in the world.

Today, the world is full of dangers and being informed is the best shield you can have. Whether you are just going out for a walk, sitting in your local office and keeping up with your deadlines, or planning your next vacation, you can protect yourself from the outside dangers by simply being informed, prepared and ready for any kind of danger.

Dark Map is a centralized information center that contains information about various types of dangers from all around the world. In this initial stage Dark Map contains danger information collected from different authorized sources in one place:

  • Health Care
  • Earthquakes
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Crime/Safety
  • Radiation
  • Air Quality
  • Travel Risk
  • Global Conflict
  • Prevailing Beliefs
  • Epidemic Hazard

and many more to come…

As the project matures, the size and diversity of the list will be growing and most importantly first-hand information will be provided.

In its final form, Dark Map is a first-hand, fast to access and reliable source of danger information, besides being a centralized provider of second-hand information from a variety of reliable sources.

As the audience grows, the users will be able to mark specific types of dangers they encounter in any part of the world. After the alert is posted, our moderators will verify the provided information as fast as possible from our mixed reliable sources and will mark the status and the severity of the danger the user has posted.The dangers will be verified or rejected and shared with the rest of the users.Thus, our users will be informed about the dangers around them and will be able to take proper actions, or will be aware of the false alarmsearly onand will avoid unnecessary stress.

In today’s chaotic world, alerts and information about dangers is often coming from a variety of different sources and it is often hard to find out the verified information on time.

The solution is Dark Map.